Closed-angle: This Is A Rare Form, And Is Also Known As Acute Glaucoma.

Closed-angle: This is a rare form, and is also known as acute glaucoma. Laser surgery for glaucoma is one of the best options to treat glaucoma... However, recognizing early symptoms of the damage may help prevent vision loss. This would not only save a fortune but most importantly, help your beloved pet to stay away from severe discomfort and suffering from permanent blindness in future. The result is an increase in intra ocular pressure. Find out more about its causes, symptoms, and treatment. An eye allergy can be treated using a saline solution as an eye drop. However, glaucoma surgery also depends on its severity, and this decides if the patient needs laser treatment or a conventional filtering microsurgery.


You can even try a herbal eyewash. Find out more about the causes, symptoms, and treatments for this ailment in the following article. Visual impairment caused because of exposure to bright flashes of light is known as flash blindness. Do take precautionary measures and refrain from activities that could cause excessive strain to the eyes. Glaucoma is a condition related to the optical system in your body, where the fluid pressure present in the eyes, also known as intra ocular pressure GOP, increases and this results in optic nerve damage, sometimes leading to vision loss. Scroll down to know about the...